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Class I Class I -School Affiliated Organizations: All home and school organizations, PTO, PTA, PAC, Boosters and Clubs        
Class I A Class I A- School Athletic Teams and boosters
Class II Class II - Groups from the seven municipalities that make up Avon Grove School District which are state recognized charities, or not-for profit (and made up of 75% Avon Grove residents).  Charities and not-for profit organizations must provide proof of their 501(C)(3) status or Pennsylvania Charitable Organization status 
Class III Class III - University/Educational institutions and Pennsylvania Charitable Organizations (non school related) where participants are less than 75% Avon Grove residents.  Must provide proof of 501(C)(3) status or Pennsylvania Charitable Organization status 
Class IV Class IV - All Other organizations 
Tier 1 - Private enterprise/groups for benefit of youth or a youth group 
Tier 2 - Any entity that charges a fee, tuition, admission, etc., that does not meet the criteria of any other classification.  

Non-District Groups: Upload the Group's Certificate of Insurance and its Expiration Date.
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Note: Your Group can only have 1 Classification per District and not all Districts use Classifications. Contact your District for more information.
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